Being a photographer is so much fun + incredibly rewarding. I've been shooting for 10+ years with my recent 7 years being a Full-Time Photographer

(All Glory to God!).
In that time I've learned so much, been featured on several major platforms, changed my work ethic + editing aesthetics, been mentored, attended photography workshops, and have gained insight, tips + tricks that I'm excited to share! Whether you're just starting out and want to learn how to make this into a business or if you're already in the photography industry and just need some that extra push to get you back on track, the following classes + mentorship session options are available to you.

Read the descriptions below to see which class(es) best fits your needs, and then send me a message to get started - I'm looking forward to working with you! ​

photography classes/mentorship program

classes are in person - however i do have a digital course for $325





business/marketing 101



Studio lighting



i bought a camera.. now what?



The goal of this photography class is to begin understanding your camera, and its settings for crafting your pictures. From this class, you will begin using your camera for what it’s really worth. You will also learn about lenses and what to look for when purchasing camera equipment.

I bought a camera.. now what?


Intimidated by studio lights? In this class, I will decipher the complexities of studio light, breaking it down into simple concepts for beginners. In this class, you'll learn everything from basic lighting to creating multiple light set-ups. 

studio lighting


You will learn how to lay the foundation and build the proper structures to create an effective marketing strategy and a profitable photography business that results in consistent bookings and consistent income.

business/marketing 101